The Kansas Tractor Club

The Kansas Tractor Club was formed August 2012. The development of the club was to bring together antique tractor enthusiasts for all makes and models of tractors. Every tractor has a story. Whether it is a newer tractor or one of the first steam engines ever built, the tractor is one of the most important pieces of equipment the farmer owns. The tractors of Kansas were built tough just as the farmers who used them. They endure harsh, cold winters and hot dry summers. They broke ground in the spring and harvest crops in the fall. Their chores were endless. Hauling feed and water to the cattle on New Year’s Day or planting Milo on the 4th of July. The farmer spent more time in the seat of their tractor than any place else.

The Kansas Tractor Club honors the farmer, his family, and the tractor. Everyone is welcome to be a member of the Kansas Tractor Club, even if you don’t own a tractor. We would like to hear your story. Chances are one of our, over 90 members, has a tractor like the one you once used.

A portion of the membership dues collected is set aside for eligible students looking for scholarship money for college in an agriculture related career or a high school student wanting to restore a tractor for FFA. Visit our Scholarship page for more details on how you may qualify.

Visit our membership page and join today! We can’t wait to hear your story!

Our web site contains Adobe files that you can view and download.