Upcoming Events

These are events that we have found searching the web and by word of mouth.  If you know of an event that is not listed, please email Amy Helm with your information.  We will need the date, time and type of event.

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Please begin to submit next years events and dates to dhelm537@gmail.com

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Event Time
1/10-12 Topeka Farm Show.  Info Hours vary
1/24 International Harvester Club Chapter #3, 1st Quarter Meeting, Central Kansas Flywheels, Salina. 10 am
Meal at noon
Meeting following
2/3 Kansas Tractor Club annual Members Meeting.  Central Kansas  Flywheels 1100 West Diamond Drive in Salina.   Please RSVP to Amy Helm, 785-577-3599. 11:00 am
Meal at noon
Meeting followi
3/17 Rush Center Tractor Show and Parade All Day
3/17 St. Patrick's Day Parade Emporia KS 1 PM
4//7 Salina Tech Vehicle Extravaganza, Tractor Show.  Online Registration.  No fee for non judging tractors. Setup by 9 am
4 pm
4/14 Orscheln Farm and Home, Ellsworth, KS.  Tractor Show.  Judging and Prizes 9 am - 3 pm
  Chuck Sells Memorial Spring pull  
4/21 Orscheln Farm and Home, Salina, KS.  Tractor Show.  Judging and Prizes 9 am - 3 pm
4/21 Chuck Sells Memorial Spring pull  Dale Delong Farms 1420 Road 210, Emporia, Ks   Rain Date 4/28 1 pm
5/5 Kansas Tractor Club Annual Tractor Drive.   $15 for each tractor.  Regis. 8 am
Drive begins 9:00 am
6/2 Strong City Rodeo Parade,  Cottonwood Falls 2 pm
6/9 Orscheln Farm and Home, Hutchinson, KS.  Tractor Show.  Judging and Prizes 9 am - 3 pm
6/16 Washunga Days Parade Concil Grove KS 10 am
6/23 Orscheln Farm and Home, McPherson, KS.  Tractor Show.  Judging and Prizes 9 am - 3 pm
6/29 6/30 Plow Day & Tractor Show Dale DeLong Farm  1420 Road 210, Emporia, Ks 9 am
6/30 Lebo Car & Tractor Show Lebo KS 9 am
7/1 Lebo Antique Tractor Pull  Lebo KS 1 pm
7/7 Olpe Down Home Parade 3 pm
7/14 Orschlen Farm and Home Tractor Show Junction City KS 9 am - 3 pm
7/20-7/22 Meriden 42nd Annual Threshing Days All Day
7/27 Marion County Fair Tractor Pull 7 pm
7/31 Chase County Fair - Cottonwood Falls 6 pm

Goessell Country Threshing Days

All Day
9/1 Dale DeLong Pull  Dale DeLong Farm  1420 Road 210, Emporia, Ks 1 pm
9/8-9/9 Ottawa Power of the Past All Day
9\7 - 9\9 Power of the Past  Ottawa KS 10 am
9/15 Orscheln Farm and Home Tractor Show Concordia KS 9 am - 3 pm
9/19 - 9/23 100th International Plowing Match and Expo Walton, Onterio All Day
9/22-9/23 Meriden Fall Festible and Swap Meet All Day
9/29 Assaira Fall Festival Assaria KS / Car and Tractor Show 9 - 3
9/29 Hartford Harvest Day Parade Hartford KS 11 am
9/29 Howe House Farm Fest 10 am